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The Bannerghatta Rehabilitation Centre (BRC) is a joint initiative with the Karnataka Forest Department, and is managed by WRRC. Located on 7 acres near the Bannerghatta National Park, the centre is a refuge for displaced and distressed wildlife, and is staffed 24 x 7. The centre has a surgery room, animal kitchen, pre- and post-operative holding areas, reptile enclosures (pits), enclosures and aviaries of different sizes, and housing for the staff. Our macaque enclosure and our parakeet aviary have enrichment structures to keep their residents active and engaged.

Animals come to the centre form the following sources:

  1.   Raids on snake-charmers, fortune-tellers and others engaged in illegal wildlife trade
  2.   Wild animals rescued by the public or by municipal staff
  3.   Surrender of scheduled animals by pet owners.

The centre receives over 100 animals of nearly 40 species every month and almost an equal number are released back into the wild after treatment. Our Bannerghatta Rehabilitation Centre is one of the few centres in India that offers specialized care and treatment for wild animals and birds.

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Rescued Animals


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