Urban Wildlife Rescue

Our garden city of Bangalore is blessed with a rich flora and fauna. Our wild cohabitor and silent neighbors include the birds, snakes, monkeys that are born in the wild but thrive well in urban spaces, crowded settings and amongst the human species. However, when we cut down a tree to widen a road, we turn a blind eye to the lives that depend on that tree – it could be a nest of fledglings or a troupe of monkeys – resulting in displacement of these animals, rendering them exposed and vulnerable. Almost all causes of distress or injury in any urban wild animal can be traced back to reckless or thoughtless human behavior that failed to take in account the needs of these silent stakeholders. Think about the time you use glass-coated string to fly a kite – that killer string cuts through the wings of the beautiful kites that fly free, causing them to crash and very often bleed to death.

In an attempt to undo some of the damage that we cause to our environment and to our wildlife, the Bannerghatta Rehabilitation Centre is equipped with a wildlife vet, a facility manager and coordinator and trained animal handlers who operate 365 days a year, admit birds, monkeys and snakes that are brought in need and provide them with everything they need to make a full recovery. Healthy animals are returned to their rightful place in the wild.

Protect wildlife, protect nature.

Together we can change this world.