Meet the herd


Aneesha was probably wild caught and smuggled into the logging trade. An accident during harsh logging conditions impaired her hind legs, however she was made to work regardless and in the process weakened her front legs as well. After a worsening arthritic condition set in, she was sold to private owners and used for commercial work such as begging, events, festivals etc. Luckily,  we were alerted to her plight and after a lengthy rescue and advocacy process, were able to secure her ownership. She is now living at our rescue facility in Malur, and having spent more than 2 decades in captivity, at age 48 she is finally learning and enjoying how to be an elephant again. Sweet, docile and cunningly lazy, Aneesha is very much the princess of Malur. Today, she enjoys better mobility, and is happy to swim in her pool, and has even come into estrus for the very first time. To donate to her care , click here 



Lakshmi was captured from the wild at the tender age of two years and sold to various owners during her 58 years in captivity. She had the worst case of foot rot, we had ever seen and was not provided adequate medical treatment by her owner, who claimed that keeping her in pain allowed him better control over her behavior. After being alerted to her plight, we were able to rescue her and begin the much needed treatment for her injured and infected feet. Today, she is doing much better and will soon be travelling to her forever home at the Malur Elephant Care Facility , where she will join Aneesha to live out the remainder of her days in peace and tranquility. Lakshmi is understandably nervous and sometimes a little aggressive given her past of being housed in a dark, damp room and a relentless life of being made to perform at events, festivals despite her deteriorating health. Over time, we are sure she will relax and learn to trust her human care givers at the centre. To donate to her care , click here 


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