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WRRC Elephant Care Facility Bangalore 05


Sep 2022

Our Elephants Get A New Home in Lakshmisagar

After a long wait, our rescued elephants move to their new home in Lakshmisagar.

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WRRC Wild Animal Rescue


Jun 2020

April-May 2020 | Round Up

We are faced with an unprecedented crisis which created a ‘new’ normal for all of us. Two things have remained unchanged: the suffering we cause animals and the compassion of the people who care about them. Our centre saw the intake of multiple animals and we’d like to salute and thank the frontline warriors for […]

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Mar 2018


Spring is here and with it the festival of colours. What better palette to choose from than our wondrous wildlife. Let us celebrate this zesty festival with respect for all the Nature that is around us. We at WRRC wish you a colourful and chemical-free Holi !

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Feb 2018

See you at Malang Mela, Orion Mall…

There are many ways to show you care. Visit our stall at Malang Mela- the exciting flea market at Orion mall, Rajajinagar, on the 17th & 18th of Febraury 2018. Donate and take home some really cool merchandise. All the proceeds go towards our rescued animals, in dire need of medical care. The exquisitely designed […]

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Dec 2017

Heart to Soul

It takes a few minutes before you actually catch a glimpse of Aneesha once you enter her WRRC home at Malur, near Bangalore. We carried her favourite fruits and some jaggery as treats and shivered in the excitement of meeting her again. And suddenly, there she was ! For those who see her for the […]

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Sep 2016

Wildlife are not pets

It is against the law to catch and keep wildlife. Almost all native birds and mammals are protected by the Wildlife (Protection) Act of 1972, and it is illegal for you to keep them. These laws exist because wild animals have special needs and it is difficult to keep them healthy and alive in captivity.

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Sep 2016

Gods in Chains

The book Gods in Chains was commissioned by the WRRC as an attempt to offer insight and solutions into the existing living and training conditions of captive elephants. The book highlights the often desperate condition of India’s captive elephants – in private ownership, temples, forest departments, zoos, and circuses.

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Oct 2013

A life of abuse and brutality

The capture and taming of elephants began in the Indus Valley more than 4,000 years ago and people have continued to capture, train and work them since that time. Captive Asian elephants are often referred to as domesticated, but this is an erroneous use of the term.

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Oct 2013

Fight to save Captive Elephants

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